As Muslims celebrate the Eid,,_ el_ fitri festival in Nigeria and around the world, the founder of Shafaudeen in Islam worldwide, Prof Sabit Ariyo Olagoke has submitted that what can restore sanity, dignity and glory to Nigeria is to allow culture of Integrity, well-funded Education and Godly Religious houses to champion functional.

Professor Ariyo submitted that only functional Democracy that will not allow abuses can give accelerated rate of development for Nigeria to begin to play the role of giant of Africa in the world.

Asking for moderate celebration of the Eid ‘l Fitri, the Cleric enjoined all to be cautious and celebrate within the ambit of civility and consideration for others, noting that “we must tolerate ourselves through upholding the principle of SWOT Analysis with basic support of the SMART concept to maximally achieve on current drive of governance and transition to a better future.of Sustainable Development, safe and secured Nigeria for peace and prosperity to naturally become our norms.”

Prof. Sabit Ariyo Olagoke however charged Muslim faithful in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to ensure that they continued with the lessons they learnt during the Ramadan fast, which are forgiveness, giving to the poor and the needy and peaceful co-existence with one another, “let the history of the bad past, drive sanity into our psyche for posterity’s sake, be humble in every situation and show kindness to others. Let not our self-denial of 29 days be of no spiritual value by our conducts during the celebration, he admonished”.

He used the occasion to pray for the country’s leadership at all levels and the people of Nigeria in general, “I pray that the peace of God that exceeds human understanding be bestowed upon our country, as a result of our sacrifices during the Lent and Ramadan fast”

He dropped thes hints in his annual Eid ‘l Fitri message to the Muslims on the completion of the Islamic injunction in a press statement he personally signed and made available to journalists in Ibadan.

In his message, Olagoke said the gains and blessings of Ramadan fast are not limited to the observance period alone, but extend to the period beyond and to access the blessings, Muslims are expected to keep to the tenets of the Holy Quran as regards the Ramadan fast.

He enjoined all, “to avoid hate speech even under hostile environment of provocation as this is one of the imports of the practical message of Ramadhan”

He said the “2023 Election of the 25 February, 2023 Presidential Election and 18 March, 2023 Governorship race expressed our Weakness and Threats while the outcome of the Election results showed how strong we are to muster determination to uphold unity in diversity and make best use of the available opportunities to form our government even against all odds.””


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