The Chairman of the first privately-owned radio station in Ibadan, Splash FM, High Chief Adebayo Akande has revealed that his biggest regret so far was his unsuccessful attempt in partisan politics to become the Governor of Old Oyo State.

High Chief Adebayo Akande, the Ekarun Olubadan of Ibadan land in an exclusive interview with Spectacleplus explained that he committed tremendous resources to the dream, but did not even succeed in picking the ticket of his party, the then National Party of Nigeria of the second republic not to talk of winning the election.

“After that failed attempt, I packed my things and left for Lagos and vowed not to ever be in active and partisan politics again”, Chief Akande added.

The almost 84 years old successful industrialist also revealed that he is still not tired of touching lives with his various investments and that very soon approval to set up a private university would be granted him by the government.

Chief Akande, one of the first set of Lawyers in Ibadan, advised those coming behind to see life as a home of challenges and be prepared to do all that is right to overcome those challenges.

Story by –
Ayomide Lawson



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